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1000 Lumens Tactical LED Flashlight

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Known as the brightest compact flashlight in the world, the “Torch” flashlight beam can be seen over 5 nautical miles away so you can light up anything you want, effortlessly and safely blind an attacker, or signal for help when you need to!


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Luci Solar Air Lantern


The Luci Solar Air Lantern can provide emergency lighting without relying on batteries, fuel or the need to plug it into the wall for power. Just lay it in the sun to charge – then inflate the lantern and enjoy hours of bright ambient light. Keep one in your car, at home, or in your bug out bag – the Solar Air Lantern can provide the backup light that you need. The amazing Luci Solar Air Lantern is lightweight, inflatable, rechargeable, waterproof, shatterproof and uses no wires or batteries so it’s very portable.

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